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All About The Fantini Sunflower Harvesting Headers

High-quality headers that offer low-maintenance and reliable durability.

Developed to minimize seed loss while maintaining speed throughout harvesting, the Fantini sunflower headers offer a high-quality sunflower header option suitable for the South African environment.

Fantini equipment is made to last, with a durability that offers peace of mind. These sunflower headers have been made with low maintenance designs that reduce downtime and keep your agricultural operations running smoothly. Designed with farmers’ needs in mind, the Fantini headers have been developed based on decades of technical experience, modern innovation as well as farmer input. These sunflower headers are produced with simple and sturdy construction, ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance.

The G3 Sunflower Harvesting Headers

Fantini offers two different G3 sunflower harvesting headers, namely the G03 Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header, as well as the GH3 sunflower header. The G3 sunflower headers have been designed to minimize seed loss while maintaining speed. Divider tips make it easier to harvest flattened or fallen plants and the gathering elements are connected together by chain joints, thereby reducing the maintenance needs of the header.

The G3 models include a special cutting disk system with cutting disks that ensure a gentle cut of the plant and reduce shaking. This ensures that a minimal number of seeds are lost. A sturdy one-piece frame with tubular steel construction enables the G03 to withstand harsh field conditions and ensures a faultless performance over time. This Sunflower Harvesting Header has been built to easily adapt to any combine.

The GP 9400 Sunflower Header

The Fantini GP Sunflower header is a pan style sunflower header. The Fantini GP model operates free from seeding rows and has been designed to operate smoothly no matter the conditions. During the harvesting process, the sunflower is guided from the divider points to the knives until the sunflower heads are caught by the reel. Once completed, the reel draws the flower into the intake auger. This ensures a feeding that is continuous and homogenous.

The GP model has been made with solid construction and tailored features, ensuring less maintenance, minimal downtime and lower costs overall. This makes the Fantini GP sunflower header a sensible option for the thrifty farmer.

About Fantini

Established in 1968, Fantini is a global leader within the industry of corn and sunflower headers. The original factory has remained on its initial site in Medole, Italy, since inception. Fantini prides itself on producing high-quality, robust products.

Inttrac Trading

Inttrac Trading is a proud distribution partner for Fantini machinery. We import and sell Fantini products throughout Southern Africa.

Inttrac Trading is your trusted local supplier for all of your agricultural and industrial needs. Inttrac Trading Pty Ltd has been supplying agricultural, industrial equipment and spare parts to customers throughout Southern Africa since 1993. We offer a wide range of quality imported machinery, including the likes of Vence Tudo, Fantini, Krupp, Bandeirante and more.

We supply quality products, with a proven after-sales service bettered by none.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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