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A Wide Range of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery at Inttrac Trading

Inttrac Trading imports and distributes high-quality agricultural, industrial machinery and second-hand parts from manufacturers from around the world. We source trusted and reputable equipment to ensure that our customers can obtain products that are durable and that align with their agricultural needs. We have been supplying agricultural, industrial equipment and spare parts to customers throughout Southern Africa since 1993

Our quality products and parts are combined with an after-sales service that can be rivalled by few. We are proud to offer a comprehensive service offering that ensures that our customers have the support they need to succeed. We offer quality machinery and second-hand parts to ensure that our customers have durable products that can be maintained for years to come. Here are some of the brands and companies that we supply:

Vence Tudo

Brazilian manufacturer Vence Tudo produces high-quality seeding and planting equipment, amongst other products. Vence Tudo produces more than 20 products for the agricultural industry, offering clients products for harvesting, planting, transportation and more.

Inttrac Trading is proud to import the Vence Tudo harvesting equipment, including the Vence Tudo Bocuda Hybrida, and the Vence Tudo Bocuda Eagle.


The Strautmann Group is an excellent example of German engineering and quality. The Strautmann Group is a world-leading manufacturer within the sector of fodder-related machinery, producing high-quality equipment for the agricultural sector. Established more than 80 years ago, the Strautmann Group has been a family-owned and managed company since its inception and is currently managed by the fourth generation.

Inttrac Trading is a recognised dealer for Strautmann, and we supply fodder wagons, manure wagons and more to customers throughout Southern Africa.


Italian brand Fantini is a globally recognised manufacturer of sunflower headers, corn headers and more. The Italian-based company is renowned for its durable products. Fantini Sunflower Headers are developed in line with years of technical experience, farmers’ feedback and modern innovation. The Fantini product line is made with sturdy but simple construction, ensuring that they are long-lasting.

As of 2021, Inttrac Trading is the only authorised Fantini dealer in South Africa.


Evers Agro specialises in non-driven tillage machines. Their current product line includes seed drills, rollers, subsoilers, grassland maintenance equipment, slurry injectors, cultivators and more.

Evers Agro can develop customised cultivators for clients, whereby one can customise the specifications of the tines, the framework for the tines with chisels and working width. Additional equipment is also available, including depth control wheels, stone protection and tube rollers.


Bandeirante is a Brazilian-based manufacturing company that produces agricultural and industrial products and machinery.


Sauter is a well-recognised and trusted name in the production of front linkage systems and front power take-off (PTO’s). Sauter has specialised in the development, production and sale of front linkages and front PTOs since 1980. Inttrac Trading offers the Sauter front hoisting device to our customers.


Aigner is known within the industry as a manufacturer of front hydraulic systems and power take-off systems. Their products are known for being robust and reliable. Inttrac Trading supplies the Aigner Front system.


Oehler is a leading producer of vehicle engineering, forestry machinery, gardening tools and manure tankers. Oehler prides itself on quality, German engineering and innovation. Oehler offers machines like loaders, slurries, shredders, grain technology, tractors and forestry equipment.


Inttrac Trading imports machinery and parts from Niubo Machinery. The Niubo group is an international producer of agricultural and forestry machinery, based out of Spain. Niubo is a high-quality manufacturer of mowers, mulchers, bush-cutters, sprayers, forklifts and more.

John Deere

John Deere is an internationally renowned manufacturer, known throughout the world for the characteristic green tractors and machines. Inttrac Trading supplies John Deere second-hand parts, ensuring that you can keep your John Deere tractor running at a reduced cost.

We source our second-hand pieces carefully, seeking out parts that will offer value to our customers.

Inttrac Trading is proud to offer a wide variety of products from internationally known and trusted manufacturers. We import and stock products from brands that we know and trust, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality machinery, parts and equipment. Our after-sales service ensures that everything runs smoothly, even after the sale has been concluded.

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