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The Vence Tudo Bocuda Header

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

All about the Vence Tudo Bocuda corn header series

Designed and manufactured in Brazil and distributed worldwide, The Vence Tudo Bocuda series is a series of corn headers which offer farmers a quality machinery option for corn harvesting.

The Vence Tudo Bocuda combine heads are recognised for its simple operation, robustness, low maintenance and easy adjustment. An economical and practical purchase, the Bocuda represents quality at a reduced price. The Bocuda corn header offers:

· High harvest speed combined with reduced losses.

· Harvesting at any time of day

· Fuel savings of up to 10%

· Low maintenance costs

· Lightweight build

· Oil bath driven chains

· Hydraulic adjustable desk plates

· Reduced straw collected, as the Bocuda only removes the ear of the plant.

· Encourages the availability of nutrients for the next crop.

· Rapid recoil with speed variations

The Vence Tudo Bocuda corn header is unique in that the row width can be adjusted in increments of around 5 centimetres, or 2 inches. Adjusting the row spacing is done by bolting on different plastic inserts within each snout and slide gathering chain modules on a driveshaft and mounting frame. This offers greater flexibility and adjustability.

Vence Tudo Bocuda headers are available in the Eagle, Hybrid and series 8 models. The Bocuda Eagle features Speed Roll® technology. This exclusive and patented technology was developed in order to provide excellent cutting performance and ensure customer satisfaction. The Vence Tudo Speed Roll ® technology has 16 self-sharpening Afrimaxx® razors, ensuring greater durability and resistance. The stalk rolls of the Vence Tudo Eagle 4.0 are composed of 4 steel blades which join one another to cut the corn stalks, ensuring a harvest that is quick and precise, while the Eagle 8.0 offers stalk rolls composed of 4 steel blades in a U format. These 4 blades cut the corn stalks more frequently and have been treated with tungsten to ensure longer durability.

Cost-effective and powerful, the Bocuda is a suitable option for any price-savvy farmer looking for a reliable corn harvester.

About Vence Tudo

Vence Tudo was established in Brazil in 1964 by Nelson Lauxen, who founded the company with the aim of improving the lives of people living in rural areas. The first machinery type produced by Vence Tudo was an animal-drawn planter, which was soon followed by the production of mechanical planters. Today, Vence Tudo manufactures more than 20 products for the agricultural industry, offering clients products for harvesting, planting and transporting. The company still operates from Brazil, providing quality machinery to customers across Brazil and the globe.

To view the Vence Tudo harvesters, please click here.

Inttrac Trading

Inttrac Trading is a proud distribution partner for Vence Tudo machinery. We import and sell Vence Tudo products throughout Southern Africa.

Inttrac Trading is your trusted local supplier for all of your agricultural and industrial needs. Inttrac Trading Pty Ltd has been supplying agricultural, industrial equipment and spare parts to customers throughout Southern Africa since 1993. We offer a wide range of quality imported machinery, including the likes of Vence Tudo, Fantini, Krupp, Bandeirante and more.

We supply quality products, with a proven after-sales service bettered by none.

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