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Introduction to Strautmann Machinery

The Strautmann Group is a world-leading manufacturer within the sector of fodder-related machinery, producing high-quality equipment for the agricultural sector. Established more than 80 years ago, the Strautmann Group has been a family-owned and managed company since its inception and is currently managed by the fourth generation.

Founded in Lower Saxony in Germany, Strautmann currently includes a production plant and sales office in Poland and a sales office in Hungary, alongside the main factory in Germany. Strautmann’s products include a wide range of machinery for cattle feeding, green fodder harvesting, transport technology, universal spreaders and more.

Strautmann found its origin in 1930 with the name Fabrik landwirtschaftlicher Geräte or Factory of Agricultural Equipment, but was only organised under a general partnership by Bernhard Johannes Strautmann and his three sons in 1951. When the company was founded, Strautmann produced agricultural equipment like drag rakes, straw cutters and potato mashers. The first Strautmann manure spreader was developed in 1954, with the forage wagon following in 1963. In the past decade, the Strautmann Group has established a surface technology department, launched a test and development centre and built a new administration and exhibition building.

Strautmann Products include forage transport trailers, feed out wagons, manure spreaders, vertical-auger feed mixes and silage loader/pickup wagons. Strautmann products offer quality machinery for the dairy industry and more. Below we discuss two machinery types currently manufactured by Strautmann.

Forage wagons

Strautmann Forage wagons ware available in 23m to 50m cubic metre capacities, with between 32 and 50 knives. The Strautmann Forage wagons have been designed for large scale farm and contracting use.

All Strautmann forage wagons use the CFS (continuous flow system). The CFS system ensures precise and consistent forage chop while keeping the horsepower requirements to a minimum and thereby ensuring cost-effectiveness and high-quality silage. Strautmann forage wagon pick-up, CFS roller, rotor and double-cut cutting unit are optimally designed and matched to one another, resulting in exceptional cutting quality and a power-efficiency which saves fuel, time and money. The Strautmann forage wagon series includes the Ambion, Zelon CFS, Super-Vitesse CFS, Giga-Vitesse CFS, Tera-Vitesse CFS and Magnon CFS models.

Fodder mixing wagons

The Strautmann Group manufactures a number of fodder mixing wagons, with designs based on years of experience and research.

All Strautmann diet feeders are fitted with the Vario2 Auger, a unique auger which has a “stepped” flight design which means that the ration is tumbled. This process improves the mixing and nutritional intake while reducing the time taken and fuel usage. Strautmann Verti-Mixers wagons offer users outstanding mixing quality, flexibility, reliability and low power requirements.

The Verti-Mix series offers excellent mixing quality, flexibility, reliability, reduced labour times and low-power requirements. Strautmann Verti-Mixes can accommodate mixing capacities between 4 and 45 m 3 and can provide for between 10 to 320 cows per container filling, depending on the model chosen. The Verti-Mix 40/50/70 series offers usable mixing capacities of 4,0 or 5,0 m3 and a low-wear design. The Verti-Mix 400/500 has usable mixing capacity of 4,0 or 5,0 m3, the Verti-Mix Double 12,0- 30,50 m3, the Verti-Mix Double K 13- 21 m3, the Verti-Mix Triple has a mixing capacity of 28,5-45m3.

The Verti-Mix can be adapted to your changing needs, with the addition of varying attachments which enable you to adapt the capacity of your mixing container. Strautmann’s feed handling equipment offers high-quality machinery that can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Strautmann is a trusted and reputable supplier of agricultural machinery, and their products offer quality equipment for the modern-day farmer.

About Strautmann

Strautmann is a fourth-generation family-run business, operating out of Lower Saxony in Germany. Since its inception, Strautmann has grown to become a global leader within agricultural transport, forage harvesting, livestock feeding and muck spreading.

Inttrac Trading

Inttrac Trading is a proud distribution partner for Strautmann machinery. We import and sell Strautmann products throughout Southern Africa.

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