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Niubo Mulchers

Niubo offers a wide range of quality mulchers that are suitable for all kinds of materials, including grass, vine shoots, branches, and green lands.

If you are currently looking to buy mulching equipment, Niubo offers high-quality options, with a wide range of machinery types and specifications available. Niubo mulchers work to process unwanted growth and materials by drawing it into its hammers. The mulchers quickly and easily tackle a variety of materials and environments, turning large piles of material into a fine mulch. Safety is a crucial concern when it comes to mulchers, and Niubo mulchers are built according to contemporary accident prevention precautions.

Here are some of the many tractor mulchers that Niubo currently manufactures. These Niubo mulchers are built for use with tractors.


Well-suited for use in vineyards and fruit orchards, and appropriate for use across stony or sandy terrains, the Panther mulcher is a high-quality mulching machine. This model features a strengthened rear chassis, a high-speed motor that quickly processes organic material and reinforced rotating wheels with a height adjustment.


The Niubo Faster is a robust machine that can be used to work areas containing shrubbery, maize stems, grass, sunflowers, branches up to 7 cm in diameter and pastures. This machine has been designed for intensive work. The design features a fixed and centred linkage, a double row of counter hammers, and a mechanic backdoor.


The Thunder mulcher model has been developed for grass and pruning up to 8cm. This makes the Thunder well suited for pruning corn, grass, olive groves, vineyards, fruit orchards and citrus. The Thunder is made of a mechanical or hydraulic displacement over a zinc-coated solid bar and the design includes a helicoidal hammer rotor as well as a double row of counter hammers.


The Niubo perfect mulcher has been designed for heavy work in citrus groves, vineyards, fruit orchards, grass environments and more. This machinery has pruning residues of 12-15 cm in diameter. A triple row of counter hammers and a helicoidal hammer rotor are some of the features that make this model stand out.

About Niubo machinery

The Niubo group is an international producer of agricultural and forestry machinery. Niubo is a quality producer of mowers, mulchers, bush-cutters, sprayers, forklifts and more.

Inttrac Trading

Inttrac Trading is the South African distribution partner for the Niubo group. We import and distribute a wide range of Niubo products, offering guidance throughout the purchasing process as well as excellent after-sales support.

Inttrac Trading is your trusted local supplier for all of your agricultural and industrial needs. We have been supplying agricultural, industrial equipment and spare parts to customers throughout Southern Africa since 1993. Inttrac Trading offers a wide range of quality imported machinery, including the likes of Vence Tudo, Fantini, Krupp, Bandeirante and more.

We supply quality products, with a proven after-sales service bettered by none.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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